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Zeeshan Khan Rokhri is a Music artist From main wali Pakistan. He Is Son Of Shaffaullah Khan Rokhri who is also a great Folk Saraiki Singer .

Zeeshan Rokhri New Song List

  1. Dholl Wafadara
  2. Yaad Aya Bewafa Main Ro Piya
  3. Koi Rohi Yaad Krendi
  4. Menu Number Mila Diyo Yar
  5. Koi Marda Hai Akhiyan Tay
  6. Mar Vesain
  7. Asan Pakay Dholy Day
  8. Ajjan O Naraz Ay
  9. Aj Ojar Gay Kal Was Poson
  10. Saday Yaaran Di Khair
  11. Thaki Thayian
  12. Shala Bakhat Buland 

Zeeshan Rokhri Dhool Wafadara

Rokhri Production presents.
#DhoolWafadara Dhool Wafadara Zeeshan Rokhri (Official Video) Out Now  2020

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Presents “Dhool wafadara” is the latest Saraiki song of Zeeshan Rokhri. The hit singer presents his soulful masterpiece, the one which could make us peep into our heart and question the concept of love and loyalty. The waves of love and the air of loyalty resonates beautifully with true lovers. But once loyalty is damaged, the pure relation of romance drastically turns into a turmoil where a breakup is the only choice. The Saraiki singer beautifully portrays this concept with his vocals and a propelling musical composition. Enjoy the best Saraiki song of 2002 only on Rokhri production YouTube channel.

Zeeshan Rokhri Yad Aya Bewafa Main Ro Piya 

Official Channel Link  https://youtu.be/Ak7f_0Ispxs

Zeeshan Rokhri Koi Rohi Yaad Krendi

Official Channel Link https://youtu.be/qlyCGsX8w_M

Zeeshan Rokhri Menu Number Mila DeYar

Zeeshan Rokhri koi Marda Hai Akhiyan Tay

Zeeshan Rokhri Mar Vesain 

Zeeshan Rokhri Asan Pakay Dholay Day

Zeeshan Rokhri Ajjan O Naraz ay

Zeeshan Rokhri Aj Ojar Gaye Kal Was Poson

 Zeeshan Khan Rokhri Sady Yaaran Di Khair

Zeeshan Rokhri Thaki Thiyan

Zeeshan Rokhri Shala Bakht Boland Hovi

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