Essay writing is an essential component of the curriculum. In the test, students are expected to compose essays to assess their inventiveness and ability to put their thoughts into words. Essays can assess a child's command of the English language and grammar. Christmas is many children's favorite holiday, and writing an essay on it is typically enjoyable for them. Refer to Pakistani Students Learner website for a free essay about Christmas.

Essay on Christmas 

Every year on December 25, people throughout the world celebrate Christmas. The event commemorates the birth anniversary of Jesus Christ. In Christian mythology, Jesus Christ is worshipped as God's Messiah. As a result, his birthday is one of the most joyful Christian celebrations. Although the celebration is mostly observed by Christians, it is one of the most popular events worldwide. Christmas represents joy and love. It is celebrated with great fervor and excitement by everyone, regardless of faith.

The Christmas season, which begins with Thanksgiving, brings festivity and joy to everyone's life. Thanksgiving is a day when people give thanks to God for providing them with a bountiful harvest and express gratitude for all the wonderful things and people in their lives. On Christmas, people wish each other Merry Christmas and hope that the holiday removes all negativity and gloom from their lives.

Christmas is a cultural and traditional holiday. The festival necessitates much planning. Most individuals begin their Christmas preparations early. Christmas preparations include a variety of activities such as purchasing decorations, food, and gifts for family and friends. On Christmas Day, most people dress in white or red.

The festivities begin with the decoration of a Christmas tree. The most essential aspect of Christmas is the decoration and lighting of the Christmas tree. The Christmas tree is a real or artificial pine tree that people decorate with lights, fake stars, toys, bells, flowers, and gifts, among other things. People would also conceal presents for their loved ones. Traditionally, gifts are buried under the tree in socks. It is an old legend that a saint named Santa Claus appears on Christmas Eve and conceals gifts for good children. Everyone smiles when they see this fictitious character.

Young children are very delighted about Christmas because they get gifts and delicious Christmas snacks. Chocolates, cakes, and cookies are among the delights. On this day, people go to churches with their relatives and friends to burn candles in front of the Jesus Christ idol. Fairy lights and candles are used to adorn churches. People frequently make elaborate Christmas cribs and decorate them with gifts, lights, and other decorations. Children sing Christmas carols and act out various acts to commemorate the auspicious day. "Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell, Jingle all the way" is a well-known Christmas carol that everyone sings.

On this day, individuals share Christmas memories and experiences with one another. On this day, it is thought that Jesus Christ, God's son, came to Earth to end people's sorrows and afflictions. His arrival is symbolic of kindness and pleasure, and it is shown by the wise men and shepherds. Christmas is, certainly, a lovely celebration dedicated to spreading pleasure and happiness. As a result, it is also my favorite event.

Aside from religious beliefs, the event is recognized for gift-giving among family and friends. The cute youngsters wait all year for Santa to bring them gifts. The desire for obtaining gifts grows so strong that they wake up at midnight and begin asking Santa what they will receive. They communicate their requests with their parents, who endeavor to fulfil them on Santa's behalf. The wheel of teaching knowledge to students at Pakistani students learner  is created in such a way that students may grasp it without difficulty. Pakistani students learner  created a website as well as an application to meet the digital needs of today. As a result, you may either view the website 

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