Since the turn of the century, the meaning of the word "technology" has evolved dramatically, and it has continued to alter through time. We live in a technologically driven world. The advancement of technology, along with cultural changes, has played an important role in the development of human civilization. 

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Through various smart and innovative means, technology provides innovative ways of doing work. Electronic appliances, gadgets, faster modes of communication, and transportation have increased our level of comfort. It has aided in increasing the productivity of individuals and various commercial enterprises. Many operational fields have seen a technological revolution. It has undoubtedly made a significant contribution to humanity's progress over the years.


In every field, technology has reduced effort and time while increasing the efficiency of production requirements. It has made our lives easier, more comfortable, healthier, and more enjoyable. It has ushered in a new era of transportation and communication. 

Technology and science advancements have enabled us to become self-sufficient in all aspects of life. After a certain point in time, a particular technology becomes part of society and integral to human lives.


Technology has altered our daily lives. Technology has brought the world closer together and more connected. Those were the days when only the wealthy could afford such luxuries. All luxuries are now within the reach of the average person as a result of the rise of globalisation and liberalisation. 

A typical middle-class family can now afford a cellphone, a television, a washing machine, a refrigerator, a computer, and access to the Internet. A man can witness any event that is taking place in distant places by simply flipping a switch.


We can't avoid technology; it's enhanced people's lives and ushered in revolutions in a variety of industries, including communication, transportation, education, healthcare, and many more. Let's find out more about it.

Importance of Technology in Communication

Communication has grown considerably faster and easier since the introduction of technology in communication, which includes telephones, fax machines, cellular phones, the Internet, multimedia, and email. In many ways, it has changed and altered relationships. We don't have to rely on sending

physical letters and waiting for a response for several days. Technology has simplified communication to the point where you can call or message anyone from anywhere using a mobile phone or a variety of messaging apps that are free to download.

Communication technology innovation has had a huge impact on social life. The use of social networking sites, dating, and even marriage services available on mobile applications and websites has made human socialisation easier.

Shopping, paying utility bills, credit card payments, entry fees, e-commerce, and online banking are all common uses of the Internet nowadays. Many companies in the marketing field are using the internet to market and sell their products and build brands. Cities, municipalities, states, and countries use the internet to post extensive tourism and event information in the field of travel. 

Travellers from all over the world may quickly access information on tourism, sightseeing, lodging, weather, maps, event schedules, and transportation schedules, as well as purchase tickets to numerous tourist attractions and locations.


In the workplace, technology has boosted efficiency and flexibility. Working remotely has become more convenient because to technological advancements, which has enhanced employee productivity. Emails and applications have made external and internal communication more efficient. 

Time has been saved, and task redundancy has been reduced as a result of automation. Robots are currently being utilised to make things that constantly supply the same product, defect-free, until the robot fails. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are two technologies that are being used in a variety of industries to reap benefits.

The manual method of storing files has been replaced by technology. Files are now saved on the cloud and can be accessed at any time and from any location. Companies can use technology to make quick judgments, move quickly on solutions, and remain adaptable. 

Technology has improved resource utilisation and connected enterprises all around the world. If the customer is in America, for example, the services can be delivered from India. They can instantly communicate with one another. Virtual meeting tools, corporate social networks, tablets, and smart customer relationship management apps are used by every firm to speed up the flow of data and information.


The education business is improving as a result of technological advancements. Students and parents now have access to a wide range of learning resources because to technological advancements. Teachers can collaborate with classes all over the world and share their materials and ideas via the internet. 

On the Internet, students have instant access to a wealth of useful information. Teachers and students can use the many resources available on the internet for project work, research, and other purposes. Our perception of education has shifted as a result of online learning.

The COVID-19 pandemic ushered in a technological paradigm shift in which school-age children continued their studies from home and schools facilitated teachers imparting education online from home. 

Students learned and applied 21st-century skills and tools such as virtual classrooms, AR (Augmented Reality), robots, and so on. All of this has significantly increased communication and collaboration.


Technology and banking are now inextricably linked. Technology has accelerated digital transformation in the banking industry, vastly improving banking services for customers worldwide. Technology has advanced banking operations and reduced errors to almost nil, which were previously common in manual human activities. 

Banks are implementing Artificial Intelligence (AI) to improve efficiency and profits. With the advent of Internet banking, self-service tools have largely replaced traditional banking methods.

You can now access your money, handle transactions such as bill payment, money transfers, and online purchases from merchants, and monitor your bank statements from anywhere in the world at any time. Banking has become more secure and safe as a result of technological advancements. 

Payments can be made digitally using e-wallets rather than carrying cash in your pocket or wallet. Mobile banking, banking apps, and cybersecurity are altering the banking industry's face.


Manufacturing industries are currently utilising all of the most recent technologies, ranging from big data analytics to artificial intelligence. Big data, ARVR (Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality), and IoT (Internet of Things) are the most important players in the manufacturing industry. 

Automation has increased productivity in a variety of fields. It has reduced labour costs, increased efficiency, and decreased production costs. In the automobile industry, for example, 3D printing is used to design and develop prototypes. Robots make it possible to complete repetitive tasks quickly and efficiently. This has also resulted in lower product costs.


Technological advancements in the healthcare industry have not only improved our personal quality of life and longevity, but they have also improved the lives of many medical professionals and students pursuing careers as medical experts. 

It has facilitated much faster access to each patient's medical records. The Internet has drastically altered the relationships between patients and doctors. 

Everyone can keep up to date on the latest medical discoveries, share treatment information, and provide support to one another when dealing with medical issues. We can now contact doctors from the comfort of our own homes, thanks to advances in technology. There are numerous websites and apps that allow us to contact doctors and receive medical assistance.

Transformative developments in the healthcare industry include breakthrough innovations in surgery, artificial organs, brain implants, and networked sensors. 

Hospitals use various tools and applications to perform administrative tasks, and they promote their services through digital marketing.


Farmers today work very differently than they did decades ago. A productive food system has been built using data analytics and robotics. Plant breeding and harvesting equipment are benefiting from digital innovations. 

Software and mobile devices are assisting farmers in harvesting more effectively. Farmers can make better decisions with more data and information available to them, such as tracking the amount of carbon stored in soil and assisting with climate change.


People have become overly reliant on various gadgets and machines, which has resulted in a lack of physical activity and has tempted people to live an increasingly sedentary lifestyle. Even though technology has increased individual, organisational, and national productivity, it has not increased machine efficiency. 

Machines are incapable of planning or thinking beyond the instructions that are fed into their system. Technology by itself is insufficient for progress and prosperity. Management is required, and management is an act performed by humans. Human intervention is essential to technology.

Social isolation has increased as a result of computers and smartphones. Young children are spending more time online, playing video games, and ignoring their real lives. 

Technology use is also causing job losses and distracting students from learning. Technology has contributed to the development of weapons of mass destruction. Technology dependence is also increasing privacy concerns and cybercrime, giving rise to hackers.

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